• “This is an excellent opportunity for local governments to leverage funding and technical assistance to ignite smart community technology across the state.”

    -Dave Wills, Interim Executive Directory, Association County Commissioners of Georgia

Project Inspiration

Project Inspiration

Georgia Smart projects provide a means through which communities can plan for and ultimately achieve these quality-of-life outcomes. When designing a project, communities should consider:

1. Why does the community need or desire to become a smart community?
2. How will the community make the transition to a smart community?
3. What planning activities will the community undertake and what plans will the community create under the Georgia Smart program, in support of its end-goals?

Georgia Smart projects should strive to address the needs of the community in an equitable and inclusive manner that involves some type of “smart communities” technology. Georgia Smart projects must also demonstrate a commitment to long-term project support, citizen engagement, and sustained progress beyond the one-year pilot period. More than exploring the potential of advanced technical systems, communities should seek to improve the lives of citizens, expand and extend government operations and services, and generate new economic opportunities for businesses and the workforce at large – over the long-term.

Check back soon for example projects and project components to incorporate directly into your community’s plan or to simply inspire your community’s own ideas!