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Georgia Tech’s initiative on Smart Cities and Inclusive Innovation (SCI2) develops innovative approaches to shaping resilient and sustainable communities. Through research and development, strategic partnerships, and cutting-edge programming we bring Georgia Tech's interdisciplinary expertise in technology and policy to the development of smart cities and communities.


SCI2 serves as a focal point for interaction with external and internal partners to deliver innovative, real-world solutions in building resilient and sustainable communities.
SCI2’s goal is to provide communities of any size with applied, multidisciplinary research on the most challenging, complex civic and societal issues.

Empowered Communities

Cities, municipalities, and local governments gain access to the latest research and state-of-the-art technologies developed by Georgia Tech researchers. Through the GA Smart Communities Challenge, residents benefit from collaborations with Georgia Tech and industry to integrate smart technologies within their communities.

Engaged Students

Smart Community Corps takes learning out of the classroom and into communities where students benefit from gaining hands on experience through real-world projects. GT Students work alongside our community partners, local governments, and non-profits for ten weeks on site during summer.

Strategic Alliance

Our strategic collaborators guide and shape our programs through their extensive practical experience within governments, non-profits, universities and industries. Their networks help extend and amplify SCI2’s outreach to all corners of Georgia and beyond to promote inclusive and equitable communities.

Thought Leadership

By mobilizing private industry leaders, government officials, and GT researchers SCI2 directs the development of tangible smart initiatives with impactful results. SCI2 facilitates thought leadership by hosting events, workshops, and webinars to share knowledge gained with the public.