Smart Portfolio

SCI2’s Smart Portfolio is people-centric, and coincides with our main research and public sector collaborations in the areas of:

  • Mobility & Equity- How best to move people, goods, and services that optimizes socio-economic efficiencies and allows for further upward advancement for more
  • Connected & Digital Society- What are the ways to better connect physical and digital infrastructure and data that scale up to the community at large and the region
  • Resilent & Sustainable Growth- How to incorporate true costs into planning and operations and allow for long-term growth that empowers communities towards their own development
  • Civic Innovation- How to ensure that all voices have opportunities to be heard and pathways to contribute, allowing for evolutions in the way we lead, follow, work, live, and play.
This section showcases SCI2’s  suite of on-going projects that are directly making impacts in local communities to provide real-world tangible results.  It provides insight about the type of projects SCI2 supports, such as first/last mile congestion problems,  Smart Sea level sensors for emergency planning, and an automated housing registry on addressing neighborhood blight.  With all these projects, we focus first on the complex problem. We then examine the wider toolkit of research, techology, date, policy, and financing that can allow us to think outside the box and address the issue holistically.